Holder Snapshot

Holder Snapshot gives you the power to quickly and securely capture a digital record of token ownership at any given moment.

Who owns more than 2 tokens at 20:00 on Friday 10th March 2022 of my smart contract.



Minimum Quantity

The minimun number of tokens that a wallet must own in order to be included in the snapshot output


Filter by Token IDs

Filter the snapshot to only include specific tokens


Take Snapshot Based on

The time or block height you wish the snapshot state to reflect. Currently you can not schedule this in the future and snapshots must be taken historically


Or Conditional

If multiple token IDs are provided, the wallet can own any of the IDs to be eligible


And Conditional

If multiple token IDs are provided, the wallet must own all of the the IDs to be eligible


ID Selection

ID selection allows you to specify if a user must own all of the provided token IDs or any of the provided token IDs.

An Or Conditional is applied when multiple token IDs are provided by default.


Once you have queued a holder snapshot, you can find the status in the history window.

The output format for holder snapshots is a CSV.


How long will my snapshot take?

This depends on the contract you are snapshotting. Something like ENS with 6m transfers will take longer than an editions contract for a small artist.

Generally speaking, most snapshots are completed within a minute or two. Snapshots for contracts we have indexed are close to instant.

Why did my snapshot fail?

This could be for several reasons.

You can reach out to the team through support channels, and they will be able to resolve this.

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