Blockchain Node Proxy

The Apollo Blockchain Node Proxy allows you to connect to a public blockchain via our infrastructure for relaying and reading the state. Although we strive to ensure its availability, we cannot guarantee it. As such, we recommend that users operate their own nodes for optimal reliability.

Apollo bears no responsibility for any smart contracts that are examined, assembled, executed, or invoked using Ethereum nodes through the Apollo Blockchain Node Proxy service.



We regularly reevaluate our existing blockchain and network support. However, please feel free to contact us if you need assistance with a blockchain or network that is not publicly available.



Blockchain selector


Blockchain network selector

Public Key

Each network will have its own public key

When making requests to the Apollo Blockchain Node Proxy, your public key is included as a query parameter for secure communication. You can refresh your public key as often as necessary, but keep in mind that this action cannot be undone.

Using the Node

To use the Blockchain Node Proxy, make requests to the given URL, adding your public key as a query parameter.



We provide limited analytics for testing and debugging usage.

Supported Methods


Is there a rate limit?

At the moment, there is no set rate limit for requests, but we reserve the right to throttle, apply rate limits, or restrict access at any time without prior notice.

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