Token-Based Raffle

The Token-Based Raffle Extension allows you to conduct auditable, transparent, and fair raffles for holders of specific NFT tokens across several blockchains.

One of the unique features of an Apollo raffle is that the end user does not need to take any action; they are passively entered into Apollo raffles depending on whether or not they hold the tokens.

Raffle off a 1:1 pair programming session to holders of NFTs from the following projects.


Raffle Details


Specify which tokens a user must hold to be eligible to participate in your raffle. Before using it as entry criteria, you must deploy or import the smart contract on Apollo.


You can host a raffle with many prizes of varying quantities.


Download a CSV with draw details for each prize in any supported formats.

Apollo supported CSV

Manifold supported CSV

Users can connect their wallets to the public page to check if they have won. In addition, the public page displays the details of all winners, which anyone can view.

How We Ensure Fairness


What if no one is elgible to win?

If a raffle is held with no eligible participants, the drawing will occur with no entries, and the prizes will not be distributed to anyone.

Can I delete a published raffle?

You can archive a live raffle, and if the public page of an archived raffle is visited, a message will be displayed to the user indicating that the raffle is archived.

Can I delete a drawn raffle?

A raffle that has been drawn cannot be deleted or archived. The public page will remain available and indexed.

Can I edit a published raffle?

A published raffle cannot be edited. If changes are desired, the published raffle must be archived and a new one created. This ensures that the details of raffles cannot be altered after they have been published.

Do users need to enter raffles?

Users are not required to actively enter raffles. Raffles will automatically be drawn from all eligible participants based on the criteria set for the raffle. This makes the process completely passive, avoiding any potential issues related to game theory or non-sharing of raffles.

Are prizes automatically sent to users?

No, Apollo raffles are used to facilitate the drawing process. The delivery of prizes is dependent on the host. If you suspect any abuse or irregularities, you can report it to

What am I legally allowed to raffle?

It is the responsibility of the host to determine the legality of a raffle, which may vary depending on the jurisdiction. If you need to provide a free postal entry option, don't hesitate to contact, and we can include those entries in a provably fair manner.

What if my raffle has not yet drawn?

Raffle processing may take some time, especially if the raffle involves large NFT contracts. The backend processing can take several minutes. If your raffle has not been drawn after more than an hour, don't hesitate to contact support using the in-app support system. If a raffle needs to be redrawn due to technical issues, the result will be the same as the original drawing due to the fixed entropy used.

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